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These comments come from scientists, clever grandmothers, homemakers, business persons, engineers, students, scholars, teachers, a former Minister of the Environment and others. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to write.

Just finished your and Mr. McKitrick's book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your 'Official Science' designation  elegantly frames the issue. Your demonstrations are fun and instructive. Well done.

I believe you have written the best and scientifically most comprehensive book on the GW issue, and I very much commend you for having done so.



I've read and re-read Taken By Storm It is an impressive achievement. 
- H.A.

Recently I finished reading your second edition of Taken By Storm.  It is thorough, entertaining, amusing at times, and challenging at others.  Thank you.  I think it’s the best book yet on the so-called global warming issue.  Before your book I had read Lomborg’s The Skeptical Environmentalist and Climate Confusion by Roy Spencer.  I have also read a number of text books on earth sciences; they gave me a long view of the earth and its evolution, as well as a resistance to the notion of fast climate change, especially that “caused” by human being.  And, until I read your book David Orrell’s Apollo’s Arrow was the best critical look at our penchant for try to predict the future.  (Frankly, I’m not sure why it hasn’t received greater attention.) 

I just finished your book Taken By Storm. It was an excellent read.

Although challenging at times (and I’ve taken some statistics in my undergraduate years), your treatment was well worth the effort.  I especially liked your insistence on attacking the notion of a single global temperature.  It took a while to sink in; but now it has and I’m on a roll convincing others.


I finished your book Taken by Storm (2007 ed.).  Really enjoyable and I learned a lot, even about the Navier-Stokes equations which I haven't seen since my misspent youth.  The  classroom dialogue with Prof. Thermos was terrific, reminds me of my classes, especially  the last part, where the student asks "Is this going to be on the exam?"!  Fig. 6.6 is a  mind-blowing way to show how (even a classical) chaotic dynamic system could just sit there for a long time, then make a sudden jump, with no underlying "cause".  I kept rereading that part.  I wonder if the statistical sections would make for tough sledding for a non-physicist audience - I found it quite readable*, and you deserve congrats for not including even a single equation.  I recommended the book to a buddy
- E.K.

I had not even heard of this book, but having received my copy yesterday, and after having read the Forward and Preface, I believe my money has been well invested. Plus, I have been chuckling all the way through so far.


I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the 2008 edition of your book “Taken By Storm”.  I hadn’t been able to find a copy of the 2002 edition and was glad that you had it published again. There were parts of the book that I found challenging, particularly when you dealt with turbulence, but I accept as true what you said about the global climate, i.e., that it can’t be measured, predicted and understood to the degree that some people claim they are able to do..

"A Secret Handshake from another Denier" -- I just finished your book and wanted to tell you I thought it was brilliant! (Who wouldn't want to hear that?)... Your book has lifted a huge weight of guilt from my shoulders for being skeptical about global warming and my biggest regret is that I didn't read it sooner.

There were half a dozen things around the house that I had to do last weekend. Unfortunately I picked up a copy of Taken By Storm on Friday night, and none of them got done. I hold you and your co-author jointly responsible.


I read your book.  Absolutely fascinating.  Your discussion of theory, models and metaphors suddenly made me realise how much of my basic scientific discipline I'd forgotten (Trinity College, Cambridge, no less).  Thank you for reminding me of the basics and bringing back some clarity to the issue.


I've just finished reading your book. My congratulations to you both for a really wonderful piece of work! It was easy reading and very informative. I'm going to buy a copy for my son who is a professor of oceanography and marine sciences because I know he will enjoy it. My impression is that academia in the US and Canada tend to subscribe to the AGW thesis so I am hoping that your book will be food for thought. Again, my thanks for your guidance and for writing such a great book on the subject of GW and CC

I have just completed your book "Taken By Storm." I have recommended the same to my federal M.P. and provincial M.L.A., as I will my colleagues at the local government level. In my other life I am a real weather observer and have had 40+ years experience with the little white boxes! When the global warming brouhaha began I always wondered where the proponents were getting their information from. Your book has placed that in a very clear perspective. My experience is and continues to be just how fascinating weather and the climate really are. However, the world is not coming to an end, at least with the weather as the cause. 
I have just finished reading  [Taken By Storm].  The  book  does a pretty  good job of demolishing the science  behind predicting future global  warming and its negative impacts, as well  as  questioning the objectivity of the  UN. 

I have read your book 'Taken by a Storm', which I gave to my father for Christmas and he and I share the sentiment that it is pithy and brilliant.

I've been most inspired by your wonderful book and have re-read it many times. I'm glad to see a revised version will soon be published as I've been recommending it to lots of people.

I have been teaching introductory statistics and research methods to my undergraduate and graduate students for the past 24 years.  During that time I have always enjoyed using current "hot topics" [no pun intended] such as Anthropogenic Global Warming. But recently [the last two years] I have been shocked by the extent to which my incoming freshman students have been brainwashed by the druids in the AGW crowd..
. I commend you for your great efforts in this debate and please keep up the good fight.


I enjoyed your book very much, it was an overdue breath of fresh air (!)


I have just finished ready your book for the second time.  As before I thoroughly enjoyed it.  



I have just finished reading ‘Taken by Storm’ and did so with great pleasure.  I also learned a lot.  It provides a much needed corrective to the wild excesses of ‘official science’ and the great pity is that it seemed not to get widespread distribution and readership in the UK



Just finished reading your book and found it interesting and enlightening. I am not sure why the information in it is not out there. Thanks for your efforts with your book. I plan to give copies to my children for Christmas.



A couple of days ago I began reading Taken By Storm, and I want to thank you for it. I've read about a dozen full-length books on global warming in the past, plus chapters in about another dozen, and hundreds of articles. But this is without doubt the best I've ever read--and I'm only in the third chapter, where you explain why our knowledge of climate is, in principle, so very limited. Your book is a model of what good teaching is, explaining difficult concepts by means of metaphors and analogies that ease students into the ideas, and then getting to the more concrete and direct explanations. You make the whole matter really fascinating and exciting.


Your explanation of (why we can never fully understand or describe or model or build a theory of) turbulence and chaos theory, whether in the little world or in the big world, is the clearest I've ever encountered. I acknowledge I'm no mathematician or physicist, and most of what I've read on this before has left me completely bewildered. But your explanations are simply brilliant. They give me a sense of confident understanding of why the global warming alarmists so easily fall into gross errors--essentially, because they aren't paying attention to the boundaries of the knowable.



I've read and highly appreciated your book "Taken by storm''.  Although I was already a 'skeptic' of GW before I read your book, you reinforced my uncertainty about the science that is used.  I wish that there was a way for the public to learn what really is the Kyoto protocol so they wouldn't follow activist blindly.  I'm from Montreal and here in Québec I don't believe that anyone came on the air to explain the reality of Kyoto other than the president of Greenpeace and the ex-min. Dion. Anyway thanks for a great book and I recommend it anytime I have the chance.



I just finished reading your book "Taken by Storm". What a great read.!! I was bent over laughing in certain spots in the book. In parts it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland's, "Who stole the tarts"! In others  you had  me  thinking of a  Tolkein,  "thermodynamic  ring",  casting an evil spell over  the sensibilities of those  in possesion of it. ...I have to imagine that you and your co-author must have received quite the barrage of  backlash from the circle of certainty. The tentative nature of science does not appear to be very well understood  in these circles.

-G.H. (Professor of Thermodynamics)


My compliments on TBS; it’s a very comprehensive treatment of the subject. It's a shame that the last 3 chapters get so little comment.  This text uniquely offers both thoughtful criticisms, and even more noteworthy, thoughtful observations and framework on group dynamics to fix what is clearly broken.  



Brilliant! And: overdue! And: generally precise on the mechanisms which around us produce pseudo consensus on items which are politically sensitive. I have just discovered and finished “Taken by Storm” - and I’m now recommending it to almost everyone I know who has a functional brain. Our politicicians should be fired if they haven't read it by september 11. Aside from the actual debate on climate, you show convincingly the history-proven weakness of the human mind against group think and pathetic, but mediocre authority.


I have just finished “Taken by Storm”, having discovered it a month ago.  A brilliant read; inspirational, and I’m now recommending it to almost everyone I know who can think....I guess there are many like me who are sceptical of The Doctrine and thoroughly depressed by our scientifically illiterate media and spewings of our half-educated politicians.  We are in dire need of some evangelical uplift, and you are the guys to do it. 

Thanks.  I am not trained formally in math or the sciences, but do have an interest.All of the hype about global warming just did not seem to make sense. Your book is an enormous help in understanding what is really happening, things I know  intuitively but could not express are becoming clear.

I LOVED YOUR BOOK.  I'm going to recommend it to others. Like some other readers, I also couldn't put it down, and I loved your humorous writing style (without sounding at all like smug intelligentsia).

Just finished reading Taken By Storm.  Excellent presentation of the issues surrounding the "theory" of Global warming.

I really enjoyed your and Chris' book.  The greenhouse discussion is right on and, I confess, I had not known this. But, to me, the real deal is the Navier-Stokes discussion and the intertwined chaos. I loved that, as some of my work has been on this... Great work.
-A.D. [Professor Emeritus of Mathematics]

I can't thank you enough for this great read...I was surprised to find how readable your book was for a nonscientist such as myself.

Keep up the good work. I hope you guys write another book.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book.  I am a medical doctor, but originally went to CalTech as an undergrad so I can follow scientific arguments readily.  I am unimpressed by most of the arguments for global warming being a major disaster. 

I have just finished reading your book, Taken by Storm, and wanted to thank you for the wonderful insight you have offered me.  I am a master’s student in computational fluid dynamics and work closely with others in the clean energy field.  Environmental issues are often brought up at our local group discussions, and up to now I have felt uniformed on the core issues backing human-provoked climate change.  My initial intentions were to read several books on the subject conveying all points of view, in order to assess for myself the issues at hand.  This is the first book; however, I do not consider it to be in favour of one side.  Instead, I take away a strengthened enthusiasm to remain objective in my career in science and will, when necessary, remind others with the suggestion of this book. I appreciate how the book was written in a respectful and genuine manner, and wish both of you luck with your future work.

Excellent book - have to read it again just to digest the obvious facts...Many thanks, and keep up the great work.



"Global warming is happening and if you don't believe it you're living in a fantasy land!", that's what my grade 12 Chemistry teacher shouted to me. Luckily I believed my dad (a Chemical Engineer Ph.D.) and stuck with my skepticism. Now as a Chemical Engineering student myself, I can judge the data. "Taken By Storm" is a comprehensive and sweeping study guide for global warming.



Taken By Storm is a real service to the public.



Here are some long-overdue words of praise for your book, which I finished reading a few weeks ago. I found it a thoroughly remarkable work. You engage your readers with intelligence, erudition and humour, without ever talking down to them. Some very complex and difficult issues are discussed but the tone never gets heavy-handed or overly jargon-laden. The final chapter was especially moving, from a literary perspective.



"Taken By Storm" may change my career path...[it] should be required reading for a number of people that I know. Reading chapter 3 especially gave me a renewed interest in mathematics and thermodynamics, which was beaten out of me in undergrad. I have a multitude of interests, including the interaction between science, policy and operational hydrology and climatology...I have first-hand experience with the limitations of models and have spoken with many scientists who have reservations about the "certainty" of climate science, but TBS is the first comprehensive and complete argument that I have seen.



I like the book and will be commending it to my friends.


I am reading "Taken by Storm" and am enjoying it enormously. I confess that I am finding it hard to put down.



I have just finished reading your wonderful book, Taken by Storm. I thank you for presenting such a complex subject with common sense and humor - it was long overdue. As I have tried to follow the climate change debate I have become increasingly frustrated by what was in the popular press and even much in scientific papers - it seemed so one-sided and contrary to what I know about measurements and the difficulties of interpreting physical systems. I will recommend your book to anyone who will listen.



I just finished reading Taken by Storm. This is one hell of a book! Once I started, I just couldn't put the thing down and read all 300+ pages of it in one (sleepless) day. From it I learned that we know nothing (theoretically) about the Earth's climate, that we are trying to simulate it by means of models that are based on nothing more than guesses, from which we conclude that humans are heating the planet as indicated by a single global temperature indicator that is meaningless, that we actually can't say whether the warming is beneficial or not, but anyway we are going to spend untold billions in implementing a treaty to combat it in spite of the fact that the treaty will have absolutely no effect on it, and that anybody who opposes this madness is a traitor to humanity. The funny thing is that I knew all of this before I read the book, but it provides such a wealth of detail in stating the case (and the writing style also helps a lot) that to me it was as If a veil had been lifted.

Your book is brilliant. It’s so frustrating that your views and people who share them are so comprehensively excluded from the media.

I finally found the time to read your book, this weekend, and I finished it in one sitting. I was not expecting to laugh out loud, but I did, several times! A beautiful job, but wow you can be sarcastic... phone the "average" phone number and ask whoever answers what the climate will be like, ow! (Of course I am laughing because many people would think that a perfectly valid way to do research, which is so sad that you have to laugh, what else can you do?) I look forward to discussing it with you; in one sense I feel that far too many things nowadays are simply out of control, out of anyone's hands; but perhaps your book and others like it in other fields can provide a little friction as we slide down the slippery slope.

I just read your book (Taken by Storm) about policy making vis a vis "Global Warming". It was a real pleasure to read.

I very much enjoyed your book, Taken by Storm, and have recommended it to many others.

I follow topics relating to this matter and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your new book.

Congratulations on writing the most complete and sensible discussion of the most over-hyped and miscommunicated environmental issue of our time. Every policy maker, media outlet, and misguided environmentalist should be forwarded a copy with the demand that they respond with the same clarity and honesty as you.

I have just finished your book "taken by storm" and I have to admit to being blown away. It took some time to get here (UK) by snail mail from Amazon.com but it was worth waiting for and every penny...thank you for writing the book, I enjoyed it very much.

The contributions on the basic principles of science, and the fallacies of computer manipulation, as probably only a mathematician can do well, should put the IPCC to shame. Abuses of economic models, responsible for labeling the discipline as a dismal science, are neatly laid out. The inclusion of Sunstein's social psychology at the end puts the icing on the cake. Throughout you have managed to maintain a sense of humour and levity...Thanks for having taken on this mammoth job.

WOW! I have been waiting for someone to write this, only it is even more shocking than I thought!! ...THANK YOU so much for writing this. Everyone I know will get a copy for their birthday, Christmas, Groundhog day whatever....

With your book, you have done
Canada and the world a great service.

The best book on climate change in existence!!

I read your excellent book, TAKEN BY STORM and it was so refreshing to see that common sense and intelligent people with degrees are well and alive in
Canada...I feel so strongly about your book I plug it on my web site and challenge people to read it.

Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying your book; it just makes sense.

What an eye opener! We had strongly disagreed with
Canada signing the Kyoto Protocol and were very suspicious of the arguments in favour and of all the global warming alarmists. Really enjoyed the book, and hope you continue to spread the word.

Thank you for writing such a wonderful and much-needed book.

I enjoyed and totally agree with the thrust of "Taken By Storm", and have been recommending it to many of my colleagues.

I have been struggling with some of the science. I have no difficulty with the message. Congratulations!! Good science must be good science...[keep up the] good work that you are doing.

I am still in the middle of Taken By Storm, but I love it! This book should be required reading, and I owe the authors a debt of gratitude for writing it...I have been recommending your book to everybody I see, and I can't thank you enough for what you guys have done! I've run out of adjectives and superlatives to describe your book.

Once I was a passionate supporter of the Kyoto Accord. Then I read this book. Now I'm a passionate opponent. I even loaned the book to my MLA. The book makes it hard to believe in global warming at all, and even harder to believe the Kyoto Accord will do anything about it even if it's real. It raises and then smashes every argument there is to promote the accord. The arguments are presented in a logical way that is difficult to accuse of bias or partisanship. It's not just a different set of statistics, it's an argument on the validity of any statistics in predicting climate. And when statistics are used, they're usually right out of the UN's own reports that led to the accord in the first place.

Your book is a great piece of work. Congratulations.

I’ve just finished reading your book and found it very, very useful.

Your book is first class. I hope it gets the sales it deserves.

I want to complement you on an excellent and informative book. You simply and clearly explain the many complex issues around climate change, and I hope this book gets the wide reading that it deserves.

Great read! ... At first I thought that the two of you had no business writing this book and I almost put it down because I thought that if you were saying the things you were saying you couldn't know what you are talking about. But out of my own interest and in the name of open-mindedness I read your book and I am glad I did! I just finished the book and now I am going to write my professor...I am going to recommend this book to him.

Yours is the only book which seems, for me at least, to make any sense at all regarding the climate change debate. Clearly, the complexity of the science of the interaction between earth, atmosphere, and ocean has been completely side-stepped in what one hears in the popular media and in what the politicians are doing. Last summer, I started on trying to inform myself about global warming and ended up getting totally confused (despite the fact that I have a scientific background). Your book has put things in perspective for me.

Carl Sagan once suggested words to chisel on the gravestone of Johannes Kepler: "He preferred the truth to his dearest illusions." You guys destroyed my own dearest illusion, and I thank you for it.

Thanks for writing this. I'm a biologist by trade and worked in the area of climate and the effect on forest disease...If I had been able to take the time away from work I would have liked to produce a book along the lines of the one you completed. It's long overdue. You have my warmest congratulations.

I recently bought three copies of your book as Christmas gifts...I surreptitiously read one copy before wrapping it and found it to be one of the most stimulating, exciting and enjoyable books I have read in a long time.

I just completed reading your book, Taken By Storm, and found it very thought provoking and educational. Most interesting book I have read in a long time, thanks!

Superb effort. Really enjoyed the discourse. As a life-long mathematician, I didn't miss the mathematics. Hopefully, the
US administration (unlike Canada's) will heed your recommendations and start the pro/con study process.

I was taken by storm after reading your book. It is truly a marvellous analysis of science, mathematics, economics and the political decision making process. It illustrates something that I have noticed over a long period of time - that our knowledge of scientific methods and the understanding of mathematics is sorely lacking. We are very reluctant to do the math and the hard work to gain a true understanding. As you point out, this can have drastic consequences when major decisions on scientific issues are required. My background was in statistics and economics. From this I have learned to treat numbers with respect and scepticism because that is all they are - just numbers. We have to be very careful in how to apply them.

I'd like to thank you for a most thought-provoking, and humility-inducing, book. The distinction between uncertainty and nescience, and the quite forceful demonstration that we would not be able to recognize man-induced global warming even if it were occurring, were especially valuable to me, but the book as a whole was both interesting and eye-opening. The tone of the writing was also most engaging. Thank you!

I just read this book straight through. I’m a big fan of popular Science books (I have all of Stephen J. Gould’s, Carl Sagan’s, Brownowski, Chomski etc.). Yours is the best Science book I’ve ever read.

Thank you for a balanced and well-written analysis of the issues. You can be sure my copy will be circulated widely among my friends.